The voice of SMEs in Europe

UEAPME is the employers’ organisation representing the interests of European crafts, trades and SMEs at EU level. UEAPME is a recognised European Social Partner. It is a non-profit seeking and non-partisan organisation.

As the European SME umbrella organisation, UEAPME incorporates around 80 member organisations from 34 countries consisting of national cross-sectorial SME federations, European branch federations and other associate members, which support the SME family.

UEAPME represents more than 12 million enterprises, which employ around 55 million people across Europe.

Latest newsflash: 24/08/15

In this issue:

  • EU Ministers focus on employment and gender equality
  • Circular economy: UEAPME replies to public consultation
  • UEAPME asks for different approach on Gender Equality
  • UEAPME involved in development of instant payments scheme
  • SBS publishes position on Structural Timber Elements
  • Webpage dedicated to East Invest 2 is online
  • CloudingSMEs Newsletter: 7th Issue is out
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