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OSHA Campaign - Healthy Workplaces for All Ages


As of 21 July 2016, UEAPME is an official partner of the “Healthy Workplaces Campaign” managed by the European Agency on Health and Safety at Work (OSHA), focusing this year on Healthy Workplaces for All Ages.

Crafts and SMEs support this important campaign to raise awareness of the need for active ageing and age-friendly workplaces, and promote the advantages of age management policies in SMEs.

Today’s demographic developments require thinking about ensuring a healthy workforce and enabling people to work longer. Healthy workplaces are a win-win situation for employers and employees of all ages. SMEs need healthy young people for innovation in production and for the future, and older workers for their valuable contribution in terms of experience and knowledge. It is important to come to workable solutions at company level, in particular for micro-enterprises, in which different generations are able to work together without stereotypes and with the tools needed. UEAPME calls for exchange of practices and more awareness of concrete solutions that can help SMEs to effectively contribute to active ageing.

Health and safety related risks are becoming increasingly complex. According to UEAPME, there is a clear need to assist companies with limited financial and human resources with the related legal requirements in a simple, non-burdensome way. Strong guidance, adapted risk assessment methods, a more structured approach and better promotion of a culture of risk prevention are needed, UEAPME believes.

The organisation also aims at highlighting the need to fully apply the “Think Small First” principle at all levels for existing and new health and safety regulations. UEAPME is looking forward to cooperate more closely with the OSHA on SME-related specificities in the field of health and safety.

Please find our campaign page including UEAPME’s pledge here: